Bee in Sunflower

Some Days It’s Just Butterflies and Bees

Wildlife and nature photographers set out for the day with an idea of what they would like to capture in an image knowing that there is a chance that will not get done. Most of the time because of Mother Nature and or wildlife ways. Well I had that experience the other day when going in search of the amazing Mexican Eagle (Crested Caracara). I have tried several times to get that one WOW image with no success and hoped that today would be THE day. It’s strike 10 and I’m out again with not a wow image. After getting over the disappointment of the Eagle image, I looked around and notice all the beautiful butterflies and Bees that were around me. I started taking images of them and realized that sometimes disappointments in one thing may bring joy and happiness in another. That was the case today for sure. So some days are just Butterflies and Bees and that’s good for me. Hope you enjoy the images.

P.S. I did get one far away image of the Eagle. And of course that was the tail end. LOL!